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MX Player Android App Review

Full review at In this video, I review my video player of choice on Android: MX Player.

SGS3 Pop-Up Video Player Clone Android App Review

So i hate to use the word clone because i'm sure the developer put a lot of hard work into this app, but since no one has seen this sort of technology on a mobile ...

[Hindi] - Best Apps for Android (Video Player) - #5

Do U want a Best Video Player for Android .... ???? Do U Really Want a Video Player that can Support any Video Format and Audio Format (AC3/DTS) .

Act 1 Video Player - Android App Review

Act 1 is my video player of choice. It has great customization and awesome controls as well as cool shortcuts. You can try the Act 1 Video Player for FREE using ...

Super Video App Review (Pop-Up Video Player For Android)

I review the Super Video app which allows you to watch videos on your screen at all times. Super Video (Free Version) Google Play Store Link: ...

Android App Review: Viral Popup (Youtube Player)

Yo peeps! In today's video we're going to look at an app called showtime. It's an amazing alternative to the stock YouTube app. Check it out! YouTube Floating ...

MX Video Player App for Android Review - Best Movie Player App for Samsung Galaxy S4

MX Video Player for Android Review - Best Movie Player App for Samsung Galaxy S4. This is my favourite video player app in the android store. I love the fact ...

CNET Top 5: Android music player apps

You already said goodbye to iPhone; now it's the iPod's turn. Original video:

Top 5 Video Player Apps For Android #TFSappsEpisode 3

With bigger and better screens and lots of available HD content, it's become easier than ever to turn your Android phone or tablet into a portable theater.

VLC Media Player Android App Review

VLC Media Player Android App Review. This is my favourite video player for Android devices. Works very well.

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